The Holistic Approach

Dr. Greg’s holistic approach is ideal for patients who wish to avoid a perpetual cycle of symptom-driven visits. His years of experience allow him to interpret the clues your body reveals to guide the treatment of underlying issues.

“Injuries come in two types:  

Direct trauma to the body (falls, accidents, sports injuries) 

Repetitive strain (desk work, grinding your teeth at night, etc.)

Both types of injuries cause similar outcomes in the body: scar tissue formation, biomechanical stress and subluxations.

Because the spine is the source of all movement, the spine is affected by the biomechanical stress. Stress patterns form in the joint in the spinal column. We call these subluxations. The subluxation can be the primary cause of the injury or it can result from an injury outside the spinal structures. For example chronic stress in the jaw from grinding at night eventually affects the structures in the upper cervical spine. Ankle and knee injuries will eventually affect the pelvis and lumbar spine.

When our system becomes too rigid, adaptability is lost. We must use more energy to accomplish simple tasks. Re-injuries frequently occur. There can be chronic inflammation in the tendons, ligaments and joint. There may be degenerative changes that form in the cartilage and bone at the joints.

As a holistic chiropractor, I identify the primary cause of the biomechanical stress, work to remove it. I work to balance the movement in the spinal column and get the body functioning at peak capacity again. Releasing subluxations is a process of restoration, allowing the system to come back into ease. Knowing that the body is made of an intricate web of physical and energetic connections allows me to address each patient in a truly holistic approach.”

Mixing Active Release Techniques and traditional chiropractic, he has helped ease my pain and helped me find new and healthier habits to ensure the pain stays away!
— Jory S.