The Path to Rapid, Long Lasting Improvements

All of your movements rely on your spine. Dr. Greg's methods as a San Francisco chiropractor reflect this reality.

However, there are often muscular issues at play that must not be overlooked. Sometimes muscle spasms or old injuries may have pulled a joint out of place or kept your body from repairing itself. Soft tissue work is the answer and combines perfectly with chiropractic for results that last.

Dr. Greg's three-phase approach focuses on Recovery, Restoration and Resilience. 



Our first priority is to alleviate pain. 

Dr. Greg blends functional anatomy and Active Release Techniques™ (ART) – a series of highly effective approaches for problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. ART can quickly loosen tight, overused muscles or those shortened by the buildup of internal scar tissue due to previous injuries.

ART is the key to obtaining the full movement and relief which chiropractic promises. 

Remember, your body is an instrument, not a tool. It must be tuned, not just exercised.


Next we increase your mobility and energy levels. 

Because the body attempts to stabilize itself in response to an injury, one part of your body may have grown accustomed to compensating for a weakness in another area. Therefore, some work is required to restore your proper biomechanics.

ART works to improve muscle function and get you back into the activities you are involved in – from Ultra-Marathons or Iron Man competitions, to yoga, Pilates and sports.


Improved posture and biomechanics are key to avoiding future injuries. 

Resilience also means enjoying decreased stress levels and a strong immune system.

Your body is the only instrument through which your brain interacts with the environment. You posture has a huge impact on how you perceive your world, affecting the balance of hormones, your mood, behavior, and the healthy choices you make.

The resilience phase is determined by your body’s response to care, your lifestyle, activity level and health goals.

Don’t just focus on repair – prepare your body to be at your best! 

Dr. Greg doesn’t just crack all your bones and send you on your way. He listens to what your problem is and has a variety of techniques that he uses. He will explain his techniques, why and what he is doing and make you feel relaxed.
— Laura Q.